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Strata Title Management~  Established Complexes ~
We believe that all Strata Title Communities should be treated and serviced according to their own individual needs and requirements. We do not condense our clients into a 'one size fits all'.
For just like the individuals contained within the Strata Title, Body Corporate community complex. each requires and commands their own needs, requirements and expectations to be fulfilled.
Therefore we believe that we offer our clients individual, professional and personal support with all your  administrative services. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, all  geared to your individual needs and requirements. While  incorporating all the necessary day to day running of your established Strata Community complex.
Thereby assisting  you to comply with the complex Body Corporate & Community Management Regulations and ensure you meet your Legislative requirements. In order that you remain in control and in charge at all times of your investment.
We will go through your individual and collective requirements with you in order for us to  set fixed charges/costs to suit your budget to ensure we fully support your current budgets/levies and financial requirements.
This we find gives the lot owners piece of mind and security as the fees/charges are set to reflect realistic costs and expenditure to assist the Body Corporate to remain within budget. 

Thereby ensuring that the levies are not elevated to incorporate extra fees and charges not budgeted for.  

We are happy to travel to you! We ensure wherever possible to hold all meetings onsite at a time convenient to all lot owners.  

This ensures we become familiar with our clients and ensures that lot owners unable to travel are also included in the day to day running of your Strata complex.

It is beneficial we have found from past experience that by becoming a working member of your team so we are very familiar with your Strata Body Corporate community complex, so we can then assist and support the task of assisting you to manager your day to day requirements under the Strata Title & Community Management Legislation on a daily and yearly basis.