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             ~Administration/Management/Secretarial Services~
 We will assist the Committee to prepare the agenda and attend the meeting as per the  Body Corporate and Strata Title Management Agreement.Prepare and distribute AGM notices and Committee meeting notices including preparing minutes for distribution to all lot owners.

  •  Call nominations and call for agenda items for the AGM annually.
  •  Issue levy and other contribution notices.
  • Issue notices of overdue levies after due date for payment.
  • Undertake payments of all accounts as authorised the Body Corporate.
  • Assisting to ensure that the Body Corporates insurances are in place. 
  • We will obtain several competitive insurance quotations  upon renewal each year.
  • We will prepare books/ financials/records for distribution to an  external independent Auditor/Accountant of your choice.   
  • We will prepare financials required to assist Auditor/Accountant to prepare and lodge taxation returns/BAS payments.
  • Body Corporate insurance claims.

Professional Strata Managers                                              
Professional &  Trade Contacts = Local Knowledge & Support ~
 Some of our local tradesman and women, and professional colleagues have also been  with our firm for over 20 years. 
They also bring with them a wealth of experience,  and knowledge in order to fully support  this process wherever possible .

  •  Sinking fund forecasts & Insurance Replacement Valuation Reports.
  • Insurance Broker to ensure competitive Quotes upon Building renewal.
  • Fire safety compliance. Asbestos Reporting. WPH & Safety Reports.
  •  Levy Debt Collection Services/ Legal Advice/ By Law/CMS reviews. 
  • Taxation advice, Accounting & Audits prepared off site by an independent Auditor/ Accountant.
  •  Licenced Builders, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, Bricklaying Gardeners, Landscaper. Services.
  •  Pest Control services.
We only use local professional businesses who bring their knowledge and services to our firm to assist your Strata Community . All tradesman offer services and local knowledge combined with free quoting .All come fully licenced and each are professional and extremely efficient to assist your Body Corporate needs as required.