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At Gold Key Body Corporate Management we acknowledge that
Bodies corporate are conscious of any and all increasing  expenditure
fees increasing their levies annually
Therefore Gold Key Body Corporate Management offer Fixed Administration and Stationery charges which allows the bodies corporate to budget with no extra
 fees or charges, to be accounted for at the end of the financial year.
Thus further  assisting the body corporate to remain within budget.

After you submit a Confidential Request for Quote~

We will arrange for one of our friendly profession staff members to contact you
 in order that we together further clarify all aspects of your application
Thereby enabling us to prepare a proposal/ prospectus suited to your individual needs and requirements. This proposal  will then be sent to you . Allowing the Committee and lot owners to discuss and review all aspects of the proposal at
a time suitable to all parties.
                               FREE NO OBLIGATION MEETING
We also offer as part of our free quoting service to meet with you at time suitable
to all parties involved either in person or by phone.
This allows all parties the opportunity to further evaluate each other. 
Thereby creating a secure working/professional environment for all parties concerned.

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Number of Units
Age of Complex
New Development/ Set Up
1-10 years old
10-20 years old
20-30 years old
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Property Classification:
Building Features
Residential Unit Manager Employed
Number of Committee members
Next AGM date
Length of current managment contract
1 year
Renewal pending
Self Managed
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