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Friday Quote

"People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do"

Friday Quote

No matter what problems/issues/situations may present themselves on our path today always remember                 ~"This too will pass~!"

Friday Quote

" If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone!"

Friday Quote

"Live for the moments that you cannot put into words!"

Friday Quote

Friday Quote-

"I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday!":)

Friday Quotes

"Be bold enough to use your voice.
Brave enough to listen to your heart.
Be strong enough to live the life that you've always imagined'!

Friday Quotes

"What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't happened yet".

Positive Friday Quote-

 While on this fast paced, hectic, crazy at times journey we call our lives. Don 't forget to -Slow down and take some time for yourself and your loved ones,  if only for a few minutes each day.  As life is too short and 'Happiness is trying to find you'!
                                     Have a great Friday and weekend :)

Reference/Education Material

Did you know that if you follow the links on our website to the  Department of Justice/Commissioner's Office that you can access reference material. In order that you further enhance your knowledge of the Body Corporate and Community Management Legislation. An online course is provided free of charge in order that you test your skills and knowledge.

Thus giving you a working knowledge of the Legislation . It assists to outline  your role and obligations as a Body Corporate, lot owner, Committee member. It also ensures that you understand how your complex is being managed in order that you adhere to the current Legislative requirements. Have a great day!

Welcome to our new blog

All Questions & Answers below are 'real' questions asked by new clients during their initial enquiries to our firm over the years! Please feel free to ask any questions you should have that we can assist you with.

Q:  "If we move to new Body Corporate Managers we have been told it will disrupt our complex and it cannot be assured that our bills including our Insurance will be paid"?
A:The majority of Body Corporate Management firms from our past experience will work together in a professional capacity to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for all parties concerned. We will of course work with your current managers to make sure that all avenues are taken care of. This will ensure your complex continues to run as smoothly as possible during the transition period.

Q: "How are we able to move Management firms if we feel it is time to change"? 
A: Each Body Corporate will at the end of the Body Corporates financial year receive a Notice of pending AGM Nominations/ Inclusions. This notice  will then allow you to include any Agenda items you wish to include and this can of course be alternative Management quotes from other firms.

Once received by your current Managers and if your Management Contract is up for renewal. You can then include a motion supported with quotes to elect a new management firm. This is the easiest method if it can be arranged. If this is not an option other avenues can be explored under the Legislation to assist this process. 

Q: 'How do we begin to leave our current Managers when we do not know when our current contract expires'?
A: Under the Legislation a Body Corporate Manager can put forward by ordinary resolution approved by the Committee and accepted by majority vote at Annual General Meeting or General Meeting level, a new contractual agreement. Small Modules can only be one year under the Legislation. Standard/ Accommodation/ Commercial Modules one to three year terms.

 Before making any new enquires for new management. We suggest speaking to your current Managers seeking clarification as to which contractual term you are currently  assigned. Or you may have this information from past AGM booklets or AGM minutes. This will assist the Body Corporate to then seek a decrease in the renewal term upon renewal thus allowing you to monitor the current situation. Or  seek alternative quotes for new management. If the end of financial year is pending.